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DescriptionA specialist, non-government agency providing a range of services to people with acquired brain injury, predominately caused by alcohol or other substances. Aims to assist people disabled through acquired brain injury to live and function to their full potential in the community.

TitleBrain Injury Biomechanics
DescriptionThe starting point for understanding of the TBI pathophysiology. The stereotactical phenomena - supported by previously reported results.

TitleBrain Trauma Research Center
DescriptionProviding clinical management, research and treatment for traumatic brain and spinal injuries.

DescriptionParent driven organization collaborating with top scientific researchers to raise awareness and funding for pediatric acquired brain injury research

TitleCenter for Comprehensive Services
DescriptionTraumatic\Acquired Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation. The first residential after hospital focusing on persons with Acquired Brain Injuries

TitleMargot Anderson Brain Restoration Foundation
DescriptionAdvancing clinical research for the restoration and rehabilitation of brain function after brain injury, spinal cord damage, stroke, paralysis, Alzheimer and Parkinson disease.

TitleOhio Valley Center For Brain Injury Prevention And Rehab
DescriptionDevelops and distributes model programs of prevention, acute care and rehabilitation for people who have had brain injuries. Provides service to survivors, families and service providers on a national level.

TitleReach Personal Injury
DescriptionHome based brain injury rehabilitation for patients requiring behavioral, neuro-psychological and occupational therapy, counseling, care and rehabilitation. Services provided throughout the UK.

TitleStroke and Brain Injury Research Foundation
DescriptionDedicated to the design and development of progressive therapies, as well as innovative equipment to assist in the rehabilition of stroke and head injury patients.

TitleThe Brady Institute for Traumatic Brain Injury and Coma Recovery
DescriptionJamaica Hospital Medical Center in New York City utilizes state-of-the-art science to work intensively with patients who have had cognitive and physical injuries as a result of head trauma or stroke.

TitleTraumatic Brain Injury Model Systems
DescriptionThe National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research funded 17 centers to examine the course of recovery and outcomes following TBI. Each center provides a coordinated system of emergency care, acute management, comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation and long-term interdisciplinary follow-up services.

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